I am a coach, a trainer, a work supervisor and a workplace mediator. I coach and train professionals, mainly in large and medium-sized corporations. My customers include management teams, managers and customer service professionals. Main subjects my of coaching include working life interaction skills, skills for team development and sales skills.

I am an educated work supervisor specialized in supervising managers. In 2017, I graduated as a workplace mediator.


From 2011 to 2015, I worked in Fortum’s customer service. I started coaching on interaction and sales and later moved on to be the coaching manager. My responsibilities there also included training managers on convincing performing and Master-trainings.

From 2003 to 2011 I worked as an interaction- and performance coach in companies, education municipality concerns and in several units of cities and municipalities.

I have a strong background in theatre. Since 1993, I have directed multiple displays and still continue to do so. I am an educated actor. From 1991-2001 I worked as an actor in theatres and TV-productions. I have also done voice acting for several years.

I live in Helsinki.

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Contact information

Phone number: +358 50 5266242

E-mail address: contact@hennahyttinen.fi

Business ID: 2684482-6

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