A Coaching Manager

“Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your
life to be congruent with them”
- Stephen R. Covey

The objectives, the team and the manager are three key things in the work of a coaching manager. A coaching manager benefits both themselves and their team by using a set of objectives. Constantly learning about leading oneself is a substantial part of the coaching manager’s job description. Respecting team members and recognizing their individual traits are cornerstones of being a coaching manager.

Topics in A Coaching Manager training:

  • A coaching manager: Leader-Manager-Coach
  • Incremental, team-wide development
  • A coaching manager: Roles and operating models
  • Coaching both the team and its individuals
  • Intervening in underachievement
  • Why does team-wide development stop?
  • Professional well being of a coaching manager
  • Self leadership

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