Workplace Mediating

A successful process of mediating can have a favourable long term effect on the culture of communication at the workplace. In most cases, conflict can be resolved in a positive way by changing it into a learning opportunity with the help of workplace mediating.(Pehrman 2010.)


I work as a coach in many companies, and one essential subject is further developing teams and work communities. As I examine the stalling of teams’ development, the reason is often unresolved conflicts. When these conflicts keep piling on a group, their development stalls or even moves backwards. Their interaction is continuously filled by disagreements that have to be solved to keep a sense of safety. When teams are being developed into so-called top teams, processing conflicts is very important. As an operating model, mediating offers a frame for the group to work on their actions and culture of communication.

When the group’s culture of communication develops and the ways of processing conflict become more advanced, they might no longer need a mediator from outside the group. By themselves, they can benefit from conflicting situations by seeing then as processes that help evolve functioning.

When done successfully, workplace mediation is an economically profitable solution for a firm struggling with conflicts. Paid sick leave and the costs caused by the turnover rate of employees cause a financial burden to a firm. Mediation is a way to a culture of open discussion and constructive problem solving. Therefore, it is investing for a better future.

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